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RC4 core


This is an experimental hardware implementation of the RC4 stream cipher.

The core implements the cipher using memories with many read and write ports in order to be able to generate a keystream byte every cycle. The question is if the achieved clock frequency is to low to make the core usable. The answer after implementation the design in a FPGA device is that, yes it does work. The reusulting implementation achieves a clock frequency high enough to be usable. The design however is rather large.

Also, RC4 is a very, very broken cipher. Nobody should be using RC4. So don't use this core, ok?


The core implements RC4 including the arcfour128 and arcfour256 versions specified in RFC4 4345. This means support for skipping the first 1536 keystream bytes. Currently the only key sizes supported are 128 and 256 bits.

Implementation notes

The synthesis and mapping tool you use might not be able to map the key and state memories to memory blocks available in the target technology, but instead end up using separate registers. The reason for this is a combination of many ports and asynchronous reads. The many ports can be handled by memory mirroring, but the asynchronous read ports are needed to achieve the one cycle/byte performance.

Implementation results

Altera Cyclone IV GX

  • LEs: 8190
  • Registers: 2236
  • 57 MHz clock
  • 258 cycles initialization latency.
  • 1 keystream byte/cycle during generation.
  • 456 Mbps performance.


(2014-01-23): First complete implementation. Still not debugged.

(2014-01-17) Most parts of the functionality is done. The key size has been limited to 128 and 256 bits for the first version. The RTL is still not complete and no testbench is available.

(2014-01-13) Repo init.

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