Wishbone by fossi-foundation

The Wishbone SoC Interconnect Architecture

The Wishbone SoC Interconnect Architecture

Wishbone is an interconnect for Systems-on-Chip. It's been placed in the public domain and is (as far as we know) free from patents and royalties. Wishbone is widely used in free and open source designs, but it can also be used in commercial designs without limitations.

Find more information on our website: https://wishbone-interconnect.org

Notice is hereby given that this document is not copyrighted, and has been
placed into the public domain.  It may be freely copied and distributed by any

The name ‘WISHBONE’ and the ‘WISHBONE COMPATIBLE’ rubber stamp logo are hereby
placed into the public domain (within the scope of System-on-Chip design,
System-on-Chip fabrication and related areas of commercial use).  The WISHBONE
logo may be freely used under the compatibility conditions stated elsewhere in
this document.

This specification may be used for the design and production of System-on-Chip
(SoC) components without royalties or other financial obligations to OpenCores.

The author(s) of this specification are not aware that the information contained
herein, nor of products designed to the specification, cause infringement on the
patent, copyright, trademark or trade secret rights of others.  However, there
is a possibility that such infringement may exist without their knowledge.  The
user of this document assumes all responsibility for determining if products
designed to this specification infringe on the intellectual property rights of

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