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FuseSoC - a package manager and a set of build tools for FPGA/ASIC development
wb-streamer - Streaming DMA with Wishbone interface
fifo - Generic FIFO implementation with optional FWFT
stream-utils - Data stream utility functions
wb-intercon - Wishbone interconnect utilities
wb-bfm - Wishbone Bus Functional Model
or1k-bootloaders - OpenRISC 1000-compatible bootloaders
ipyxact - Python library for working with IP-XACT files
libaxis - Library of VHDL components for AXI Stream infrastructure
libstorage - Library of VHDL components for data storage
serv - SERV - The SErial RISC-V CPU
led-to-believe - LED blinking project for your FPGA dev board of choice
edalize - An abstraction library for interfacing EDA tools
corescore - CoreScore


FOSSi Foundation (Member) - The Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation
OpenCores (Member) - OpenCores.org projects