AXI4 Configurable Modules by shrikuljoshi

AXI4 compliant modules designed with Verilog


AXI4 compliant modules

This repository contains the AXI4 compliant modules' suite. 

 At this point it contains following modules: 

 1) AXI4 memory mapped Read/Write Master 

 2) AXI4 memory mapped Read/Write Slave 

 3) AXI4 interconnect(not yet completed) 

 4) AXI4 Stream to Memory mapped converter

 5) AXI4 memory mapped to stream converter 

The modules are ARM AMBA 4 compliant.

Each module also supports a native interface in addition to AXI4 , and another AXI4 lite interface for register configuration. 

Configurable parameters include:  

1) Data Width - default 32 

 2) Address Width - default 32 

 3) Burst Length - default 256 

 4) Burst type - as of now supports only incremental

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