About LibreCores

LibreCores is your gateway to free and open source digital designs and other components that you can use and re-use in your digital designs. Towards this goal, LibreCores provides you

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who's running LibreCores?

LibreCores is a project of the Free and Open Source Silicon (FOSSi) Foundation, which was created to give a voice to the digital hardware design community. LibreCores, like FOSSi Foundation, is run entirely by volunteers.

How does LibreCores relate to OpenCores?

LibreCores advances the idea of OpenCores.org to give the community a place to share projects, ideas, and knowledge in the area of free and open source digital hardware design.

As heavy users of OpenCores, we (the FOSSi Foundation) tried everything in our power to evolve the concept together with the owners of OpenCores before we started LibreCores. Unfortunately, we were not able to achieve this goal at this time and decided to give it a real fresh start under the LibreCores brand. OpenCores has since then found a new home and we are happy that we have open, fruitful interaction with the new owners at OliScience.

What are the future plans for LibreCores?

We continuously add features to LibreCores to make the site more valuable to our users, and to try out new things. We strongly believe in "release early, release often" to enable everybody to get involved and shape the future of LibreCores. We want LibreCores to be a place where the community can truly feel at home!

How can I contribute to LibreCores?

All code and all development on LibreCores is fully open and we welcome any input you might have regarding the site. If you want to contribute to LibreCores, we have documented some ways to get started in the document Contributing to LibreCores. Don't be scared if you're not a programmer: There are many tasks which do not require any programming experience. Just have a look and talk to us if you didn't find a suitable task just yet.

Code, bug tracker and project planning is done in the librecores-web repository on GitHub.

Development discussion happens on the dev@lists.librecores.org mailing list (subscribe here).

Many developers also hang out on the LibreCores gitter channel or IRC on the #librecores channel on Freenode.