How do we calculate the project quality?

The quality score you see on every project page is calculated from various metrics extracted from the project's source code, its issue tracker, pull requests (for GitHub projects) and project's activity.

The score gives you an estimate of the quality of the project by examining a few points.

  1. How long has been the project actively developed ?
  2. Does it follow standard conventions ?
  3. How often are the projects updated ?
  4. Does the source code carry proper comments ?

The Formula for calculation

We calculate the score by awarding or deducting points accordion to certain criteria on certain metrics.

We will be constantly updating this formula to reflect a more practical score after evaluating with more real world projects.

  1. Presence of an issue tracker: +2 if present, -1 if not.
  2. Activity: Activity consists of any activity such as, commits to the repository, comments on issue trackers, pull requests etc. +2 if last activity took place within 1 month, +1 if last activity took place within last 1 year, +0.25 if last activity took place within last 3 years, else -0.25.
  3. Issues: If project has open issues, +0.5
  4. Pull requests: (GitHub projects only) +0.25 if there are open pull requests to the project.
  5. Contributors: +3 if project has more than 20 contributors, +1 if the project has more than 8 contributors, +0.5 if the project has more than 3 contributors, else -1.
  6. Code to comment ratio: +2 if the ratio of comments to source code is greater than 0.2, else -1.
  7. GitHub stars: +2.5 for 10000+ stars, +1 for 1000 - 10000 stars, +0.5 for 100 stars.
  8. Releases: +0.5 if project has well formatted release tags.
  9. Recent releases: +0.5 for releases within 3 years.
  10. Changelog: +0.25 for release notes or a change log.
  11. Description: +1 if project description is present, else -2.
  12. License: +1 if a license is present or selected in project settings, else -3.
  13. Stable commit activity: +0.5 if commits continue to be in same rate since the beginning.
  14. Regular code update: +0.5 if project has reqular updates.
  15. Trend in number of contributors: +0.5 if new contributors actively join the project.

The score is fit into a 5 star rating system. Partial scores are ceiled to nearest 0.5.